Why Choose UNFO?

There is currently no specific treatment for metatarsus adductus (MTA), leading to a great amount of confusion and unnecessary action, regarding when and how to treat MTA in infants. The lack of a specific solution for MTA of all stages, has left orthopaedic doctors to resort to the limited number of stagnant common treatment options, most often adapting the casting method indicated for club foot.

The casting method comes with a number of disadvantages and complications. Have peace of mind, with new discovery and progression in Israeli modern medicine, there is no doubt that most complications and surgical interventions can be avoided by adequate treatment in the first months of your newborns life.

A study conducted with 40 newborns in Bologna, Italy, has come to present success in treatment through UNFO over a short 12 week span. This specific study recognized that Metatarsus Adductus (MTA) is a frequent and underestimated disorder in the infant population and if left untreated, it may lead to rigid, painful and difficult-to-treat residual deformities during growth. The wait and see method, which parents often hear was refuted in evidence stating that in most cases, it does not resolve spontaneously. Luckily, if started early, MTA was proven to respond well to the progressive treatment through UNFO.

This study concluded that UNFO braces are a valid and safe alternative to casting along with other commonly noted recommendations for treatment. Even in the most mild cases, why take the risk and responsibility of maintenance routine strecthing if there is effective and easy treatment available! In the face of excellent clinical results, if used during the first 9 months of life and treatment with UNFO was proven to show a low number of complications, usually minor and insignificant. The design and efficiency of UNFO was stated ideal for newborns diagnosed with MTA and simple monitoring for parents. 

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